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“As an EPA environmentalist, I feel fortunate to have chosen SolarCarolinas.com and Sunrun as my solar partners. The installers did an outstanding job...they were very professional and detail-oriented. Suffice to say, we could not be happier with the panels and their performance. Now generating all our energy from the sun, we’re delighted with both our solar savings and contributing to a cleaner environment.  We also greatly appreciate our solar advisor who conducted our energy analysis and helped us seamlessly navigate switching to solar.”
Richard and Patricia Carnes
Greenville, SC

“We’ve had solar panels for six months and are excited - they are over producing beyond our needs. Now we have a healthy surplus of kilowatts that we can either use or, better yet, sell back to Duke.  Going solar was a great decision!”
Sybil and Del Sellers
Greer, SC


"The switch to solar power is one of the smartest money saving measures we have done.  The Sunrun technicians were very responsive to our (solar) placement requests as well as efficient with their installation and clean-up.  Our solar savings is much better than we expected.  As a mechanical engineer, I tried to find a reason not to go solar, however,  receiving a check from Duke for extra power generated by our panels was quite rewarding.  Lastly, it's hard to argue with zero cost for the solar panels, installation and maintenance."
T. Wayne Poole
Taylors, SC

"We had a great experience and are very happy with how everything turned out.  There was a problem with the city inspector showing up early before the installation was finished.  He said they would have to reschedule the inspection for the following week and we wouldn’t be able to turn our system on.  They jumped on the issue quickly and the inspector was out later that same day.  Highly recommend.

Jim R

Great company to work with, they kept their schedule of installation, there was always someone ready to answer my questions, and they kept me in the loop as to how long it would take to get all the permits for my solar. Loved the company refer people all the time. Best of all, I pay $40 bucks less monthly for my electricity

Murphy D


I have never been so satisfied with a company as I am with 1st light. We decided we wanted solar and started meeting with multiple companies. 1st light blew us away and it was a no brainier to go with them. However, I was nervous choosing them considering all of the negative yelp reviews but we didn’t experience one hiccup with this company. They must have read the reviews and taken them into consideration because we were updated every week.

We started the process May 22nd and our panels are already installed and ready to go! Fast process! Every person we came in contact with was awesome. They gave us 31 panels when solar city said they could only install 17! And the install was faster than any other company!

Danielle H


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